Not even sure why exactly this site has commanded my attention, but its grip is undeniable. James Russell Publishing is a throwback to an earlier version of the World Wide Web. It’s an Internet relic. One can practically feel the spittle raining down on them as they read the screeds–all of which serve as long-form […]


The universe is a fickle place. It reveals things in its own way and in its own time. We need only be patient and receptive to the clues she drops.

This is today’s software support lesson.

Losing my edge?

So I haven’t really been actively involved in the Microsoft/Windows development crowd in years (ever?). I have gone spelunking through the KB and the MSDN site on occasion and come back scarred and generally unhelped. It’s kind of a running gag with some folks in my circle that the difference between Linux and Microsoft forums […]

Security theater

So what exactly is the point of running HTTP over SSL (HTTPS) on a fully fire-walled, nobody-cares-about-your-traffic, vanilla version control service? Because, right now, I think the whole point is to waste a day sweeping up after the fallout of replacing an expired cert and massaging the egos of all of the butthurt jackwagons who feel as if they’ve been personally assaulted because they’ve encountered a warning in the middle of their Friday.

The downside

The downside to removing myself from Facebook is that no one hears my humble brags. For example, I crushed a ride last night. First outdoor ride of the year. And while it’s all over Strava and Endomondo, no one I know hangs out there. Nor do they hang out here. So now I’m bragging into the void.

Still, yeah, I totally crushed that ride. Felt great. Even fought the wind for a bit and it didn’t knock me down.

Brave New Design

I’ve been toying with HTML5 and CSS3 in spare moments the last week or two and I’ve got a spanky new layout predicated on a modified workflow here at Black Fez Productions. Of course, now I want to break from WordPress and go with something more Java-like. Which, of course, means moving everything over to a server sitting in my basement. Which, of course, means the redesign and workflow remain on a test server and you don’t get to see it.

sic semper erat, et sic semper erit