Who needs string-replace()?

Why would XSL use a standard-ish way of naming their string replace function? No, they have to use translate($string,’a’,’b’) for some reason knowable only to the damn committee that wrote the spec. Thanks StackOverflow for the reminder. I’d be pretty pissed to have written my own string-replace() thing and then run across this at a…

Mez more ees

Listened the heck out of this album yesterday. I think I made it through the album, front-to-back, three times in one afternoon. The flashbacks were more than I had bargained for. Still being attacked by random bits of nostalgia today. It’s funny the way some bits of music have such deep triggers in the brain.…

One in a series

Memo to self: When doing a google image search for comical Austin Powers catchphrase related clip art at work, don’t. Unless you’re pretty strictly filtering your results list. Because, well, a whole panoply of macro images of young fillies in various states of undress isn’t really appropriate to be flashing up on one’s monitor. Pretty…

LiveJournal rev2

It’s probably not the most brilliant observation but it just came to me today that Facebook is basically LiveJournal, only with more adults and fewer kitty animated gifs. The more they play with friends and groups, the stronger the correlation becomes. Not sure if this is a feature or a bug. Also, the upcoming profile…

Not clairvoyant yet

Another in a series of passive-aggressive comments aimed at various co-workers. I still haven’t perfected my clairvoyance skill set. Please keep this in mind when handing off tasks that only you have worked on. This will expedite task completion to levels hopefully everyone involved finds acceptable.

Justice League

I always feel like I’m rabbiting away at the Hall of Justice when I get email from Super-User. Even if it is just a reminder than I need to update my password.


I just did this. Now I know what my Facebook profile will look like in little under a week. You can do it too, Puncherella in the zoo. Of course, you can’t see mine until I get to see yours. I’m just that kind of a guy.

Quincy P. Johnson

I don’t know why this is so awesome, but for some reason I really love the Fake Name Generator. This one gives you all kinds of fun stuff to gen-up a whole identity.