Beer me, Marge

The new brew kettle has been ordered. The early Christmas present from the lovely Elizabeth was purchased earlier today as well. We won’t make a Christmas brew timeline, but I’m thinking a mid to late January First Round party is doable. I’m leaning Belgian White–but that’s because I drink the hell out of Blue Moon.…

Possible label

First attempt at mocking up a label for our little winery. Still some cleaning up and aligning to do but not bad for a few hours of work if I say so myself.

Woo hoo!

I get to do some actual development work! As in, build something from scratch! Using patterns and stuff. This happens so rarely in a primary support role that when it does it is cause for celebration.

This looks fun

For certain values of fun anyway. It’s like going back to school without the [cost|credit] but with a commitment to learn stuff. Seriously thinking of trying to backfill some of my core CS deficiencies as I didn’t do a whole lot of serious CS work in the MIS program. Of interest are: Design and Analysis…


The burbling through the airlock has slowed considerably. I think the yeast is running out of snackers. We should be right on schedule to rack this run some time this weekend. This brings us to a task I’ve been punting for a while now. Somehow we need to scavenge, scrounge, or rustle up about three…

Two things

The phrase “Smoke test” makes me wince, especially when voiced by a particular person I am being paid back for missing two days earlier this week. I’m all Elvis, all TCB today.