Special powers

I think the special power I’d most like to have is to stop time in the sense that the world around me freezes. It’s difficult to attend to the mundane when the overarching compels attention and right now I’ve got banalities like Wisconsin has cheddar.

Steampunk WWW

Overheard in re: a Metafilter conversation [1] about the original cross platform web browser; a line-mode application which is essentially a TTY [2] interface. Imagine that… a typewriter that types by itself like some kind of terrible player piano. You read what it’s writing while it chatters away. And then once in a while it…

International radio

Because I lack a good bookmarking system, here’s a few Internet broadcasts I want to remember. Perhaps you will as well. FIP [1] Planet Nova [2] AskMefi Question on international radio [3] AskMefi question on eclectic radio [4] [1] http://www.fipradio.fr/ [2] http://www.novaplanet.com/ [3] http://ask.metafilter.com/225547/NonUS-radio-please [4] http://ask.metafilter.com/248260/Eclectic-music-Radio-recommendations-please

Bucket list

Another thing for the bucket list: Start a polka band named Rage Against the Indignities. Think Weird Al Yankovic meets Brave Combo mocking the latest manufactured outrage du jour.

Potter fodder

Something like this is better suited to being handwritten on vellum with illumination and gilt edged pages and bound in a leather tome. Barring that, this page is all you need to craft a regular expression to match (or not match) any thing or set of things in the universe. Behold the Regular Expressions Cheat…


Dudes who use lavender, italicized script fonts in their work IM messages are dudes I just don’t get. In your personal life? Have at it. At work? Hrm…

Is I ill?

Confidence in my digestive tract after lunch is barely running above 50%. The mold spot I did see on the bun had to be on the very last bite. Kind of hoping that was the only spot…


For the third time ever, I’ll be walking through the gates of Memorial Stadium this afternoon. Bus leaves in just over an hour!