Inturdnet Exploder

If it weren’t for corporate intranet sites, there would be no reason for IE’s continued existence. I’m not sure if this is an indictment against IE or an indictment against corporate intranet sites. Perhaps both?

The wrong lesson

As a kid I read the entire Chronicles of Narnia [1] several times. Probably at least once a summer vacation from the time I received them as a gift until the time I started working at a real (not paper route) jobby-job. So, conservatively, I’d put it at a dozen total readings. Even during the…

My new résumé

Absolutely loved this response [1] to an odd request from a potential employer. Very much be sure to watch the linked video [2] for maximum enjoyments. [1] [2]

Rusty earworm

Every so often this runs on a loop in my head: For some reason this morning is one of those times.


This kid has them. Throws out opposing team’s player from ceremonial puck drop:

bash on Windows

My rose for the day [so far]. On Windows you can use the command explorer SomeDirectory and Windows Explorer will open with the view set to SomeDirectory, assuming one exists as a child of the current working directory. The same holds if you want to jump around the tree a bit. explorer \foo opens foo…

Pet peeve

Folks who refer to tasks/items that fall outside the general case as “onesies and twosies”, especially in a business setting, drive me frickin’ bats. It is, as one might just as inappropriately say in this setting, “cutsie wootsie”. That is all.


I really want to brew a kölsch but I already have a cream ale that is ready to keg, carbonate, and drink. I also have on hand the ingredients to brew another dubbel and I should get around to using those ingredients soon. But I have my brain set on drinking a kölsch right now.