Jenkins agent logs

It’s always fun to read Jenkins agent logs in the voice of Dobby. For example: Feb 28, 2014 9:52:50 AM hudson.remoting.Engine waitForServerToBack INFO: Master isn’t ready to talk to us. Will retry again: response code=503


So I’ve installed the Cloud to Butt plugin [1] for Mozilla (Chrome extension here [2]). I’ve probably mentioned it before. If not, it simply replaces instances of ‘the cloud’ with ‘my butt’ on any web page that gets loaded. Today I looked at the plugin page because I was mentioning it to someone else. Even…

It has begun

A sign my brain is out to get me: All morning by brain has been singing to me a mash up of Billy Joel’s Big Shot and Run DMC/Aerosmith’s Walk This Way. Mostly it’s the words to Walk This Way as sung by Billy Joel and to Big Shot’s melody. And I hate the musical…

No rest for the wicked

The thought I was thinking sometime after 03:00 this morning but was too zoned to put together the skills required to post this online: I would be able to sleep if I could just clear this ticklish lump from my throat. Judging by the difficulty of this task and the general location of the ticklishness…


When tailing a log file the appropriate verb to use when talking about the application writing to the log is ‘poop’. As in: I was tailing the log while trying to authenticate and with every request I could see it poop out an error message.