Hub ‘n’ spoke hilarity

I love the ol’ hub and spoke paradigm [1] for transporting things places. I mean, seriously, it is the most efficient methods of routing in that all points can be connected with the (number of points) minus one routes. All points can be reached in no more than two jumps. Totally efficient. Except when it…


After several iterations of arguing the denials of my request for lxml to be installed as a Python egg, my web host finally acquiesced. I think I’m going to print this out and get it framed: Hello, I apologize for the delay. We were able to install this for you: [~/lxml-3.3.5]# CFLAGS=”-O0″ easy_install –install-dir=/xxxxx/xxxxxxx/xxxxx/xxxxxxx/python2.6/site-packages…

Dick punching

Completely not safe for work or any other venue where language may cause an issue, including your own headphones if you’re not up for a little vulgarity: Punch ‘Em In The Dick [1]. For the rest of you, I can promise there’s at least one rhyme in there that you’ll find chuckleworthy. [1]

Important advances

The latest in the field of fart sciences! [1] Going to add that I speak fluent herring to my cv stat. [1]

A two-fer

A banner day for overhearing in the cube farm: [That guy] must get offended at the very idea of a functioning system In re the Winter Classic Next year they need to go the next step and play that on an actual pond I think watching two NHL teams battle it out that way would…

Canadian Legal

Not all legal opinions are dry and boring. For example this opinion [1] issued in re a neighborhood civil case gone wild. Sure, it’s still pretty dry, but for a legal document this is frickin’ nuts. [1]

Better than this

The Five Stages of Inebriation [1] as photographed by Charles Percy Pickering. I’m better than that. Except, maybe, on St. Patrick’s Day. [1]


Random cool thing found on the Internet: Emerging Mosquito Photography [1] [1]

Funner than it looks

A thing I’m working on is supposed to interact with a Scheduled Task [1] if it exists. Instead of writing out my own parser for this backwater of the Windows operating system I found something lying about at CodePlex [2]. As far as documentation goes, this one is pretty decent [3]…for a CodePlex project. Then…


My first stint of four weeks between INR readings turned out to be flawless. Despite my inconsistent diet and periodic consumption of alcohol my levels have stayed within the therapeutic range ever since the Great Blood Clot and Pulmonary Embolism Fest of 2014. Best news: I get another four week reprieve before visiting the bloodsuckers…