I refuse to play your silly reindeer games, Starbucks. It’s small, medium, and large. Your faux Italian bullshit doesn’t fly with me.


Ding dong the witch is dead. The wicked witch is dead! Windows Aero’s Shake “feature” [1] has to be the single most annoying GUI behavior I’ve ever run across. In fact it took more than a year to figure out why, sometimes, my desktop would immediately minimize every window except for one. Eventually I got…

Smoking up the man

I don’t listen to a lot of commercial broadcast radio so maybe this has been a thing for a long time. But, still, this is new to me. Apparently a certain segment of the vaping/e-cigarette crowd is anti-government. I heard a commercial about every seven minutes today suggesting that vaping is, amongst other awesome things,…


Overheard in cubeland: $NATIONALITY have forty-five legal holidays a year. That’s almost one a week. The point this person was trying to make: $NATIONALITY are soft The point I took away from that statement: Jealousy

Roosting at home

All those years I advocated for doing XML namespaces by the book. We’re going to want to do stuff with namespaces in the future. All those years no one else thought there was no way we’d ever want to do that and that namespaces introduce unnecessary complexity. All those years of being outvoted. Today, bitches.…

Glorious project

Some day I’m going to write a Kim Jong-il title generator based on this list of titles: Glorious General, Who Descended From Heaven indeed!

Smartest guy in the room

I’m over here by my desk watching a lot of highly educated men right up next to and peering out through the glass windows at the large hail that is coming down. What is the striking force of a golf ball sized sphere of ice traveling at terminal velocity anyway?