Does not scale

I’m going through the 2+ years of photos and videos I finally offloaded from my phone and came across this one from May 27 of this year. Not sure why I took the picture. I guess I was demonstrating that our toaster’s production capacity does not scale well and we might experience shortages under load.

Not good

Top five things to never put in a dryer: A chenille blanket A chenille blanket A chenille blanket A chenille blanket A chenille blanket and a bunch of other clothes

Judgement Night

When this album [1] hits it, it hits it real good. When it misses, it is obvious. It’s the musical equivalent of middle-late 80s Steve Balboni [2]. [1] [2]

Fail-state = FAIL

Using Ubuntu 14.04 which is the current LTS release I was able to install Gnome-Do [1] and basically rock it. Gnome-Do is a port/clone of the Quicksilver app for Macs. It’s a launcher but so much more. It follows a subject/predicate/[object] syntax activated by a key combination. It’s also scriptable. Suddenly the mouse/touchpad becomes an…

When EF Hutton speaks

I’d advise putting money into wood glue futures. Someone has about 40 linear feet of vinyl in various states of unclean and just found this link: