Death by fire

Yet another reason for hating on Microsoft: NTLM. Specifically, that some folks insist on running SOAP services protected by NTLM. More particularly, SOAP services that are intended to be consumed by platforms other than Windows. And especially that no cross-platform scripting or programming language has native support for NTLM. With the coup de grace being…

Vibratory wrist

I’m experiencing alert fatigue. For the last 50 or so minutes, my watch has been buzzing me every 30 seconds to keep me abreast of the Leicester City vs. Tottenham score. Soccer does not move that fast. Please, just tell me when the score changes. Similar issues with hockey and football games. Once Google Now…

Angry lizard

This could have been sent as a followup to a theoretical conversation one could imagine overhearing in CubeLand on a day like today:

Ha ha?

Funny ha ha or funny sad? I first read this at least 25 years ago. I think it influenced my developmental arc more than I would like…

The long fellow of the law

The Bush/Cheney administrations’ days of international travel are over. [1] On the one hand, “surely this…” On the other: THOUGH the mills of God grind slowly, Yet they grind exceeding small; Though with patience he stands waiting, With exactness grinds he all. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow [2] [1] [2]


Bless you. Claude Giroux wipes a booger on the linesman prior to taking a faceoff. Nice!


Fish and chips always makes a return call. It may take most of a day–at most, but extracts its vengeance in due time.


Caffeine intake so far: one of those Monster coffee-like energy drinks and two cups of coffee. Still dragging ass. It’s going to take a skilled pilot to bring this one home safely.

The hotness

My previous manager, now executive director, is a bit of a Michigan fan. Michigan, whose football program is searching for a head coach, has been rumored to be courting Jim Harbaugh with numbers something like $48 million over eight years. Anyway, the numbers, they are not important. The important thing is that said executive director…