Word salad

Haste and crappy smartphone keyboards notwithstanding, a modicum of editing will save folks from wasting even more time replying to that email with a “WTF English please” follow up.

The blind side

The Blind Side II: Electric Boogaloo http://scoutingtherefs.com/2015/09/9584/referee-blindsided-by-hit-during-high-school-football-game/

Future me

Chances are I’ll never be a Florida Man. Not keen on moving there. Not a hot weather sort of guy. But if I did, this documentary [1] is probably about me in about ten years. That is if you go by the poster image anyway. [1]http://floridamanthemovie.com/

Less please

I’ve been thinking on this for a while and I’ve decided I want a web browser that does less. I don’t want one that suggests URLs based on my browsing history. I don’t want one that guesses what I’m looking for as I type into the address bar. I don’t want one that tries to…

Just missed it

Why do I always find things just after they’ve happened? For example, the 2015 Squirrel Cook Off [1] was last weekend. Looks like a whole bunch of awesome per the review [2]. [1] http://www.squirrelcookoff.com/home.html [2] http://mashable.com/2015/09/11/squirrel-cook-off

Sidewalk surfin’

This is an awesome photo essay from the days of thin boards and fat wheels. Still not enough to get me back on my own deck though. http://www.boredpanda.com/1970-skateboarding-culture-skater-california-locals-only-hugh-holland/

Keeping up

I’ve replicated a goodly bit of build infrastructure at the home front now and have poked holes into the LAN so it is available to the outside world. It’s a bit exciting if you’re into this kind of thing. Confluence: http://fales.wales:8899/ Stash: http://fales.wales:7990/ Jenkins: http://fales.wales:8888/ Tomcat: http://fales.wales:8080 Apache: http://fales.wales Artifactory: Need to set up port…

Dirty Tricksy Sneaky Sneaks!

I swear that some folks I work with believe in their heart of hearts that my teammates and I spend our days randomly futzing with the configuration of things. They encounter a behavior they don’t expect and–boom–“why did you guys change $THING?” $THING has remained unchanged ever since we set $THING up for $SPECIAL_GUY. Nothing…

Better than anticipated

Back in the day I’d digitize stuff by taking audio off my receiver and run it into the audio-in on my computer. I was lazy the other day and decided I wanted to try to pull sound directly off the sound card. And that’s how I found Audio-Recorder [1]. It’s easy enough to install and…