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This last weekend I was huddled in the basement instead of soaking in the abnormally warm weather. What started as a collection of minor annoyances with Sabayon’s Linux distro turned into a full-blown fit of pique. Yet another distro that drove me bats with frequent updates that broke nvidia drivers each time. Then some obscure…

Shortie Digits

My contribution to the continuing decline of political discourse in this country: Short Fingers. A Tumblr featuring manipulated[?] images of Donald Trump’s tiny hands. It’s small. It’s petty. It’s a thing that has gotten under Trump’s skin since the heyday of Spy magazine. And, damn, if it isn’t funny.

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An interesting discussion on making the Web [more] permanent. Digital-to-physical publishing. Ever since my work with EVIA Digital Archive I’ve been a fan of these sorts of concerns. So much so, I’ve been toying with ideas for making this blog have some degree of resiliency. It has existed in four and a half basic forms…

I’ve just spent about 90 minutes looking at the HTML5 and CSS3 specs for the first time. Brain asplode! My stories of web development headaches/heartaches from ten to fifteen years ago have to sound like the infirm rantings of an age-ravaged mind to anyone who has picked this stuff up in the last few years.

‘Techxploitation’ or ‘Texploitation’? One is more obvious. The other is more clever.

Lancer fans can be such pussies. Wah wah $TEAM fans are so mean.  Blah blah blah. Grow a pair.


It’s a perfect storm of sorts. We can’t build anything because the NAS is out of space. Deleting directories on the NAS generates snapshots. Snapshots are stored on the NAS. The more directories that get deleted, the more snapshots are created. So the builds continue to fail. #FML