Some Words

In the last few days I’ve encountered a number of words that, while previously unknown to me, have come to define this week. Words like hemoptysis, friable, pulmonary lavage, and bronchoscopy. While I’m glad the latter two exist, the whole ordeal from Elz suddenly coughing blood on the way to do some mundane provisioning to…

Cock Block

That is a cock block, Jon Bruning. You are such a twit. Not even the minions of Chimpy McSmirk think your fascist anti-immigrant policies are reasonable. I pledge to work tirelessly for your opponent in the next election.

Dynamic Classes

I’ve spent about a month trying to work around needing to write / compile Java classes dynamically because I thought it would be an utter PITA. Turns out dynamic classes are not so difficult after all. /me wipes egg from his face and feels dumb for not consulting the Internet sooner.


I took a great deal more satisfaction from this thread on MeFi than I probably should have.  High comedy is found in the lowest places.

Jon Bruning is a twit

Bruning Takes Housing Discrimination Fight To CNN – Omaha News Story – KETV Omaha The guy was a poo-flinging, party boi back when I went to high school with him. He was a grandstanding party boi when I went to college with him. Now he is a grandstanding, poo-flinging twit who just happens to be…

Dynamic Languages Strike Back

Steveys Blog Rants: Dynamic Languages Strike Back is a great article. Or at least it reads like a great article. To be honest, I don’t have the chops to voice a truly knowledgeable opinion but I figure if I keep reading this stuff it will come to me eventually. It all relates to a paradigm…

Big Ball of Mud

Big Ball of Mud is a great essay on crappy software architecture. Both in how it comes to be and how to pull yourself out of it. Academic enough to be informative and witty enough to keep you reading.

Celebrating Entropy

Listening to M83’s Before the Dawn Heals Us and I am struck by the overpowering evocation of longing and despair the album has. Seriously. I’m sitting here at work and all I want to do is sigh and maybe let loose with inexplicable sobbing. Haven’t felt like this since my at-the-time spouse seemed to be…