IRC me

Part of my moving off the Facebooks et al is to find alternate modes for the sorts of communications that social media platforms facilitate. While my account at Facebook is still sort of up–I don’t monitor it. I also don’t monitor Facebook Messenger all that often. At least that is the plan. To that end,…


Not even sure why exactly this site has commanded my attention, but its grip is undeniable. James Russell Publishing is a throwback to an earlier version of the World Wide Web. It’s an Internet relic. One can practically feel the spittle raining down on them as they read the screeds–all of which serve as long-form…

Losing my edge?

So I haven’t really been actively involved in the Microsoft/Windows development crowd in years (ever?). I have gone spelunking through the KB and the MSDN site on occasion and come back scarred and generally unhelped. It’s kind of a running gag with some folks in my circle that the difference between Linux and Microsoft forums…

Rage quit

Ha ha! Ha ha ha ha ha! Ha ha ha! I told you so, Internet Brogrammers! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Love, Your humble build monkey

The perfect golf club name

The “Some rich asshole” to “Some rich asshole” browser plugin makes this caption funnier than it should be: Some rich asshole speaks about the results of the Michigan, Mississippi, and other GOP primaries at his rich asshole National Golf Club in Jupiter, Florida, March 8, 2016. Heh. …his rich asshole National Golf Club…

Nerd humor cubed

Funny: April Fools’ Tech joke Funnier: Sharing the joke 11 months after the joke was posted Funnier still: The resulting Microsoft v. Linux flame war

Shortie Digits

My contribution to the continuing decline of political discourse in this country: Short Fingers. A Tumblr featuring manipulated[?] images of Donald Trump’s tiny hands. It’s small. It’s petty. It’s a thing that has gotten under Trump’s skin since the heyday of Spy magazine. And, damn, if it isn’t funny.

Saffron flag of the RSS political movement


An interesting discussion on making the Web [more] permanent. Digital-to-physical publishing. Ever since my work with EVIA Digital Archive I’ve been a fan of these sorts of concerns. So much so, I’ve been toying with ideas for making this blog have some degree of resiliency. It has existed in four and a half basic forms…