Cleaning up

I’m a habitual non-deleter of mail when it hits my inbox. I mean, sure, I delete the crap and mark the spam pretty regularly but when it is a message that requires action or a response and I don’t have time to do it right now, I’ll let it sit. And sit it does. Usually…

Viral Advertising

And I don’t care. This made for a few rounds of levity amongst the team this morning. And when you’ve slept for shite, you need all the levity you can get to make it through the day.

Otis Has a Birthday

Hey Otis. It’s yer birthday. Go Otis. It’s yer birthday. The Toaster marks two years with us and somewhere between four and six IRL. No party for the Cat Box Raider—and he is certainly ripe today—this year. We didn’t mark Morton’s in August so it just wouldn’t be fair. At any rate… Go wish the…

Suppressed Optimism

Compulsively throughout the day I go check this and then I go check this. And then I try to not get my hopes up…. It’s not working. An election just might go the right way this century.