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Self Worth

Programming is kind of an objective thing. Code works or it doesn’t. This can haunt people who, to any extent, tie their sense of self worth to their current job performance. Starting some time Tuesday afternoon my personal stock plummeted as the IR Index climbed to five tickets, all of which I thought I’d solved…


For a limited time you can play Pac-Man instead of searching Google in celebration of the game’s 30th anniversary. check it out.

Things Metafilter does well

Coordinating resources in real time for a likely case of human trafficking. At this time results are not exactly awesome so if you don’t want to read a possibly crappy ending, don’t bother following the link.

The New Sports

I woke up this morning from a dream where I was a consultant for company specializing in archaic measurements. We were contracting with various sports governing authorities to de-modernize various sports. The ‘why’ is unimportant–or at least never made itself known to me. The work was kind of interesting. We were playing with ideas such…

Death By Facebook

I’m vaguely saddened by the fact that I post all of my bloggy-related stuff directly to Facebook. I get way more readership there. Here’s to trying to change that…