Most Convincing Spam Yet

In the past I’ve often remarked that spammers must be stupid because they generally commit some silly, obvious error when forging an email. That all changed today… This morning I received an email, ostensibly from Amazon, advertising Erotic Monday specials. I’m a pretty laissez-faire kind of guy but this seemed a bit over the top…

Mobile Radio Is Go

Rolled out this morning with the Egg’s new dual-band Yaesu in full operations mode. Once I made it to what passes for an arterial in our neighborhood I fired up the mic on the 2 meter call channel. To my surprise I was answered with a 5×5 from someone also in the south of Bellevue.…

A Yelping Hand

One of the things we tried a fair bit of while in Los Angeles was Yelp* when looking for places to go, eat, waste time, etc. I have to say it batted about .500 in terms of giving good advice. The closer in we were to the city itself, the better it seemed to do.…

Dear Los Angeles

I know how good a good Grand-Slam can be but I was curious to know whether you really need quite so many Denny’s restaurants. Can you elaborate on this for me? Love, Nick

Dear Los Angeles

I have been visiting your lovely city for a while now and I think you might have a small issue. I just wanted to bring to your attention the number of cars on your numerous roads. Perhaps you might consider some trains and the like. Love, Nick

Dear Los Angeles

I know you have rush hour traffic—all cities do. I wanted to know, however, why you insist on doing it on weekends too. Did you know other cities keep their rush hours on a Monday through Friday basis? Because, for the most part, they do. Just letting you know. Love, Nick