Hit that O Face

Sometime reality television isn’t. Or, more probably, reality television is always a fictionalized take on reality that plays to everyone’s stereotypes and prejudices. For an example we could look at Council Bluffs’ recent brush with fame. Jon “Bar Fistula” Taffer spent some time with the folks down at the O Face bar and created a…


A year and a few weeks since I last drank hard alcohol of any sort. I’m here to report things went much better this time. That and that a properly made old fashioned is a damn tasty beverage. If I’d known the bartender was doing buy-backs I probably would have downed several more.

The doomed

Went visiting the waterheads downstairs to answer version control questions. They wanted email added to a post-commit hook. I recommended subscribing to the RSS feed our installation of Fisheye provides. They didn’t know what RSS was. They’re ostensibly web developers. A little bit of me died on the inside.

That moment when

That moment when you’ve managed to crawl so far back up the rabbit hole of interrupts that you forgot what you were working on before the interruption just satisfied. I cannot remember if there is another question I’m supposed to be answering or task to complete or if I can go back to doing code…


Unbridled optimism or hopelessly naive?  You make the call: In a story relating how a team gave up seven goals in the third in a game they had been leading 3 – 0, on their way to their twelfth loss in fourteen games, be sure to mention how they’re still four points out from the…