Lancer fans like to hold their organization up as a paragon of class in the USHL. And yet the organization does things like this:


I was spinning around the 20 meter band this evening looking for entertainments and was not disappointed. The band is quirky this time of night (in my experience) and sometimes you find interesting signals. Radio Havana Cuba [1] broadcasts in AM on 14.295mHz which is right in the thick of the internationally designated 20 meter…

The ‘y’ isn’t silent

Yemen. Sure, it’s spelled with a ‘y’ but through a weird quirk in translation, it’s actually pronounced like an ‘s’. I know…I’ll never graduate from middle school.


Currently hearing KC4AAC [1] on 18.110mHz. Can’t copy it well and the pileup is beyond my little 100 watts of reach. Still, wow, radio from Antarctica. [1]


Speedometer’s This is… Vol 1 & 2 album [1] is like a whole album of 70’s pr0n soundtrack cuts. Nothing overtly sleazy, mind you, just chock full of the kind of jazzy funk wah wah plus full horn line awesome that usually serves as bed music (heh) in your higher quality vintage pr0n. Makes a…

Cannae hear it

Really jacked that the BBC ended shortwave radio service to North America. I can listen to the Scottish referendum results online but that just doesn’t have the same feel as good old-fashioned analog static booming in from over the pond. Something as momentous as this feels a bit more post-war and less post-millennium and the…