The <center> cannot hold

The best “you can’t parse Aitch Tea Em Ell with regex, have you considered using a parser?” screed ever written: […] HTML tags lea͠ki̧n͘g fr̶ǫm ̡yo​͟ur eye͢s̸ ̛l̕ik͏e liq​uid pain […] is just effing brilliant.

Roller coaster

This would make for one hell of a ride: …and some people question my dislike of roller coasters.

Cat vids

It’s been a long time since I’ve thought about this little animated gif: Facebook protip: follow the link back to the blog to see the animation in its full glory

The most unwanted song

Vicki [1], of Do-or-DIY [2] fame, filled in for a show on WFMU [3] over Christmas Eve. I’ve been subscribed to the Do-or-DIY podcast feed [4] since I was a wee lad. And now I’ve finally caught up to Christmas in my podcast listening. All of this to say that about halfway through the show…


This is not at all surprising. And yet I chafe at the idea that my suspicions have been confirmed. The ‘Door Close’ button on most elevators isn’t even wired up.