Wash often

Possibly the weirdest Kickstarter campaign I’ve ever seen: The Pokie [1]. Fleece isn’t particularly great at hiding the snail trails. [1] https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1084791252/the-pokie

Bitchin’ rad cool

Dude plugs a 1986 Mac Plus into the modern World Wide Web [1]. Of course doing this involves some serious bit of nerding out with a Pi, a chain of interface adapters, and a stroke of good luck. Using it takes much patience. I remember spending many lunch periods in the library lab writing a…


This looks like a fun project: http://qrznow.com/converting-morse-code-text-arduino/. If nothing else, that flowchart is a great visual for learning “the code.”

Build Nazi

It’s every CM worker bee’s Sisyphean nightmare. Goddamn developers breaking builds and then leaving them hanging around all day without a claim. Behold the latest weapon in my arsenal of jokey (but not really, dude, I’m serious here) hints to fix/claim your broken builds.

Hurfing the durf

It’s days like today when I want to be all “hurf durf global warming buuurrrrnnnnnn” to my denier friends who hurf durf about snow (OMG!) and cold (in winter even!) but are conveniently weather ignorant on days like today: But instead I tell myself that weather does not equal climate, that the warming trend is…


I’m solving a variation of the Knight’s Tour Problem [1] with a little home coding project. I know the best way to solve this problem is a recursive function call. I also know the problem I’m trying to solve has three times the number of possibles at each stop. It’s a damn hairy recursive function.…

Turning it off and on again

I’ve read far too much Neal Stephenson [1][2]. I genuinely believe the direction of the evolution of our social organization is bee lining directly toward burbclaves. Nation states will disappear because they are unable to compete against large, multinational corporations or criminal enterprises. [Obligatory joke of that being a distinction without a difference here]. The…

Better than crow

I think the next time I’m having a gloat party I’ll serve some schadenfreude pie. [1] I think this would taste how excessive gloating feels.