It’s a hobby

Man launches balloons with radio transmitters [1] from Britain. Man eventually launches balloon that circumnavigates the globe [2]. Man makes other men exceedingly jealous with his awesome nerdery. [1] [2]

Aren’t you thirsty yet?

Supraliminal Message: An image in your field of vision that is so long lasting that you cannot see it with the naked eye yet it imprints its information on the subconscious mind.

QSL from China

Speaking of QSL cards, a SWIARC ham, KQ0J, just received a QSL card from a contact he made in China [1]. I can’t wait to get on the air! [1]

QSL Card

My latest iteration of the QSL card. Getting happier with it by and by. I like the 1864 Johnson map of the area for the historical oddities but it is a little busy even when washed out. If anyone knows where to find a line drawing of the six state area centered along the Missouri…

Odd pastime

I like to make snarky comments to the spam email I receive. It must be some vestigial thing left over from the days before email spam—when every email you received had been laboriously typed by someone you had a reasonable expectation to be corresponding with. Like there’s someone on the other side of this who…

The antenna

My 43′ vertical antenna kit and enough coax to park it at the top of the backyard are whizzing their way to the Tuck as I type this. It’s the final piece of the getting-to-broadcast-on-HF puzzle. A 43′ vertical is a nice compromise antenna that can be tuned with my radio’s on board antenna matcher…


At what point do you unsubscribe from a feed or podcast instead of just bulk deleting the stuff it throws at you because you’re not interested in reading or listening? For me that threshold is remarkably high. I think I delete at least half of the stuff in my feed reader without even skimming these…