Jocularity at the NWS

Have you ever read the National Weather Service Forecast Discussions? Because if you haven’t, you’re missing out on some entertaining commentary. While my (and I’m assuming everyone else’s) expectation of this sort of writing would be staid and professional, I’ve noticed a jocular sense of humour with at least some forecasters.

Take the discussion of the most recent winter storm watch forecast for an example. In it, our forecaster, Mayes, uses bon mots like:

Of course, we`ll have to measure the snow sideways. Behind the
front, northwest winds should reach sustained speeds of 25-30 mph,
with gusts of 35-40mph (or more?) possible.


I’m not using the “B” word just yet, but at
least intermittent white-out conditions seem possible in some


Adding insult to injury (or potential injury to insult),
the combination of strong winds and cold air intrusion will lead to
wind chills of -10 to -20 F during the day on Thursday along and
north of I-80.

When I read these things I think of some cat just rabbiting away, writing these epistles to the void, not expecting anyone to actually read them. I just wanted to throw some recognition Mayes’ way and let them know I rather appreciate the droll humour; spicing up an otherwise straightforward topic.

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