A redo

RAGBRAI 2018 overnight towns announced! I’ll get a chance to redeem myself after last year’s shellacking the weekend before RAGBRAI.

Onawa -> Denison > Jefferson -> Ames -> Newton -> Sigourney -> Iowa City -> Davenport.

There’s a few heavy hitters for overnights this year with Newton just outside of Des Moines to go along with Ames, Iowa City, and Davenport–if the end of the ride counts as an overnight, which it probably doesn’t.

Most exciting development? I think we get to go through What Cheer! A city I’ve always wondered about as I drive past the exit on I-80. I mean, What Cheer? What Cheer! Has to be a silly take on What’s Here? right?

At any rate, there aren’t huge swaths of distance which I’m sure the route committee will change when they wend the actual route. There are a few days with a few big climbs. Into Ames is probably a hellday depending on how many times we get to cross the Des Moines River. Going into Iowa City is usually a fun day with all of the area hills to choose from. Wrapping up in Davenport can also be a crapfest depending on route–which is usally chock-a-block with climbs.

Still…stoked for this year’s riding season.

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