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100 Fezzy Things

A list in progress and in no particular order. Last revised 2012-08-06.

  1. I live in Council Bluffs, Iowa.
  2. I’ve also lived in Bellevue, Omaha, rural Ashland―all in Nebraska, Bloomington (IN), Chicago, Green Bay, NYC, and Lincoln.
  3. I’m a masters student graduate at of IU.
  4. I have a BA in philosophy after attending school on and off for 10 years.
  5. My favorite topic: justifications for and implications of the proposition ‘human rights.’
  6. I am no longer again counted among the married.
  7. This was sad on the one hand, but has allowed me to meet the fabulous Elz on the other.
  8. I do did web services at the Law School at IU.
  9. I am now was the interface designer and programmer with the EVIA Digital Archive project.
  10. I am now was the Webmaster and Computer Lab Manager for the UNO Criss Library.
  11. I am now one of may Software Development Engineers at CSG.
  12. I once had a ferret. Her name was Clem.
  13. Cubs vs. White Sox? Definitely Cubs.
  14. I’ve read all of Barry Goldwater’s writings.
  15. I’ve not particularly proud of that any longer.
  16. I own two fezzes, one maroon and one black.
  17. I was a city champion wrestler at 126 pounds in ninth grade.
  18. I would marry Siouxsie Sioux if that wouldn’t make me a bigamist and if she was willing.
  19. I eat rat poison every day.
  20. I like black licorice. Panda is best.
  21. I name all of my cars. So far I’ve driven The Chevel-Monster, The Roach, The Flintstone-mobile (floorboard were optional that model year apparently), The Death Lizard (originally my grandma’s car…seriously!), and The Thunderchicken (the ex-wife’s car…I’d never buy a Ford myself). My current rizzide? It’s The Egglet.
  22. I am one-sixteenth Cherokee, but cannot prove it with documentation as my Cherokee relative was orphaned along the Trail of Tears. Not to mention, it’s a dirty family secret apparently and no one wants to talk about this.
  23. I’ve met Pharoah Sanders. Twice. Made a fool of myself both times.
  24. I served in the US Army as a 13F with 4-29 FA which has apparently been reclassifed as 4-27 FA.
  25. The absolute best adult beverage I’ve come across is Watneys Cream Stout, although any stout is a good stout I’ve found.
  26. I’m less about commercial beers however as I now brew beer at home. I still love the stouts best.
  27. I am a roto baseball junkie. Go Picts! Go Beatniks!
  28. I have chipped my two front teeth in excess of fifteen times starting with floor hockey in third grade and ending with beer bottle to the mouth as part of a drinking game. The oddest cause: Laffy Taffy.
  29. I have had a flake of steel removed from my left eye.
  30. I shattered my left femur in a skateboarding accident.
  31. While we’re on the topic of my fragility, I’ve also finally got my childhood strabismus corrected in 2005. Previously there was a 24 prism vertical difference between the left and right eyes. I just thought everyone saw double.
  32. This may have also come in to play in one or more tooth chipping incidents.
  33. The Empire Strikes Back is my favorite Star Wars Episode.
  34. Anything by Monty Python makes me laugh.
  35. The first album I ever owned was Shaun Cassidy’s self-titled album of 1977.
  36. I like hot tea.
  37. But can’t stand iced tea
  38. Although iced coffee is good.
  39. And it is given that hot coffee mandatory.
  40. I taught myself HTML, CSS, and PHP. My class this that semester teaches taught Python. I would rather learn Java and/or C++ instead.
  41. Since then I have had the privilege of learning Java. It’s what I do for a living now, actually did for a living for a few years.
  42. Now I write C# or WIX or NAnt or XSL on good days and VB on less challenging days.
  43. I still write most of my own development code in Python though. I just like it better.
  44. Still, when you get right down to it, all programming languages have more in common than any two of them have differences.
  45. The philosopher I most love to love? Tough call. Some combination of John Rawls, Bertrand Russell, Roderick Chisholm, and A.J. Ayer.
  46. The philosopher I most love to hate is John Locke. No link loving for you, Mr. Locke!
  47. I’m listed in the acknowledgments section of the liner notes of this album. I really liked these guys a lot.
  48. I worked/lived at the Rogers House bed and
    breakfast for about a year. Some of the best and worst times happened in this house. I lived/worked with some of the best/worst people there. I wonder if Ray is still among the living.
  49. I like to refer to my hometown as Mudville and my home state as the Great American Flood Plain. I’m only half sarcastic when I do so.
  50. I memorized the lyrics to “It’s the End of the World As We Know It” when that song came out. I can still do the whole song from memory today.
  51. I once pronounced hors d’oerves as whores de overs in French class.
  52. I also thought lingerie was pronounced lean-grr-ee.
  53. I didn’t do well in French…
  54. I am a quick to anger, quick to forgive type.
  55. Although I can also hold a grudge for one hella long time.
  56. I used to frequently shoplift mechanical pencils from ShopKo in my youth. I was quite enamored with mechanical pencils at the time apparently. Seriously though, click a button and there’s more lead? What’s not worth obsessing over with that?
  57. Wasps and hornets give me the willies in a real bad way.
  58. I have an acute fear of heights. I feel like such a ninny, but there’s just no way to get me close to the edge of any drop of more than fifteen feet or so.
  59. Except by use of Panda. See above.
  60. I am a reformed smoker. The last one happened in November of 2001. I still love cigarettes, they just seem to want to kill me so it’s probably best we don’t see each other any longer.
  61. Well, to be honest, there have been a few slips since then, but this is still true in a broad sense.
  62. I purposely flunked calculus in high school so that I could take auto shop with my friends the next semester.
  63. I barely got a C in calculus in college. The year off from mathematics really hurt.
  64. I managed to pass a urinalysis test in the Army by concealed use of a travel sized Johnson & Johnson baby oil bottle and $10 worth of untainted urine.
  65. This tidbit seems to be one of the primary ways people find my site via search engines.
  66. My experimentation phase took an abrupt hiatus at that point.
  67. It resumed to a great extent on September 22nd, the date of my ETS.
  68. I believe that if society permits the use of alcohol and tobacco, it is hypocritical to outlaw the use of other addictive and/or mood altering drugs. I’m not looking for legalization, I’m just looking for consistency.
  69. This is the speech I would give during the speech competition if I were ever in a beauty pageant.
  70. I think sleep is a funny word. It just sounds funny.
  71. Of all the colors in the spectrum dark purple is my favorite.
  72. I am co-custodian of two dogs adopted from the shelter.
  73. Otis is was a yellow lab with leaky heart valves.
  74. Otis also owns owned an eBay storefront with varying degrees of activity.
  75. Morton is a rat terrier / schnauzer mix.
  76. He’s physically healthy, just a little bats.
  77. His primary joy in life is chasing the light from a laser pointer.
  78. Jim is the new yellow lab.
  79. Jim weighs in at an even 125 pounds.
  80. Jim is polyamorous, loving both his blanket Patches and the tech at the vet who calls him Jimmy.
  81. In my world Sunday is referred to as Baconday. Bacon is served by noon (but not by much) on Baconday.
  82. I have a hard time finishing lists.

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