Well, is it?

At $EMPLOYER, the 2T men’s restroom’s left-most sink has been broken. It’s been this way for at least half a year. It’s been broken so long no one remembers when last they washed their hands in that sink. It’s been broken so long someone looked up the faucet on amazon and printed out the page. They helpfully affixed a “Click Here” sticky pointing to the button to add the faucet to the cart. This was taped to the mirror above the sink for so long that the tape started peeling and the sign was water damaged.

A bit over a month ago, someone removed the sign from the mirror.

Then someone put one of those yellow “Caution! Wet Floor” signs across the sink. Shortly after that the facia board covering the plumbing for the sink fell. It’s still there, just awkwardly half hanging, half resting on the floor and a bit padiddle. Someone then affixed an 8.5×11 sign saying “Watch Out” on this broken bit of facia.

A few weeks ago both the caution and watch out signs were removed. We were filled with cautious optimism. We tried using the sink.

It was still broken.

Since this has been going on for so long and visible indicators of the sink’s state of repair are removed without enacting these repairs, I took it upon myself to help spread the information. No longer does one need to leave their cube, walk to the restroom, and rub one’s hands together in hopes of a repaired sink. No. Now one merely needs to check http://isthebathroomsinkfixed.info to get the latest in sink repair status.

There’s not much there currently but I’ve planned on building out some more content around the history of this ongoing saga. Because I’m a smart ass and this is the sort of thing that makes the work-a-day world more tolerable on a work-a-day basis.

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